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“When you have your health, you have everything.”

There is a lot of truth in this statement. Did you know that the root for “health” and “wealth” is the same, and that it means “wholeness”? At Image Quest we strive for this wholeness with each and every patient. We want to help you meet your personal health goals through weight loss, fitness, and ultimately positive self image.

Lifestyle modification is the key to success and longevity! A diet is just a short term plan that ultimately won’t fix the problem. Whether you have 15 or 150 pounds to lose, your health and well-being are our number one priority.

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Both Dr. Furr and Dr. Blake have dedicated the past 10 years to weight loss, fitness, and overall mental health. Your “wholeness” with personal health is our number one priority!

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Why It Works

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Here is the bottom line: weight loss and human health are found in our normal day to day activities. Your current lifestyle dictates your weight, sleep patterns, and overall health. The surprising thing is that we grow accustom to our lifestyle and it seems quite “normal” to us. But is it?

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You have come to the right place! At Image Quest you become part of our family, your health and well being truly matter to us. Read through our web site, call us, or make your appointment online. What are you waiting for? Take charge of your life and influence others around you to become healthy and fit the IQ way!

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